Personalized wealth management for exclusive clients

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OPO Family Office was established in Hong Kong in 2005 by two founding partners. Since then we have grown to become a boutique family office offering exclusive bespoke wealth and lifestyle management services to high net worth families and individuals.

Among the range of services we are proud to offer advisory services in such matters as stock and property portfolio investments, tax planning & cross generational transition planning, as well as long-term family business governance strategy and policy.

At OPO Family Office we offer our clients a range of personalized services, these include:

Estate planning & cross-generational wealth transfer
Family involvement & governance
Investment planning & management
Taxation, retirement and pension planning
Concierge services


At OPO Family Office we provide our clients with a full service package covering their investment portfolio as well as administrative and on the spot management services. These include stock and share portfolio management, real estate investment and management, private equity holdings and investments in tech ventures. We are particularly proud of our involvement in exciting cutting-edge technological developments; over the years we have invested on our clients' behalf in new ventures specializing in AI, 10T, big data, autonomous vehicles, agri-tech, smart cities, among others.

Another important aspect of our service package is our in depth cross- generational equity and business transfer, including integrated planning covering estate, taxation and legislative issues. In addition to our investment and advisory services we offer a comprehensive lifestyle package covering a choice of bespoke concierge services.


First and foremost because we care about our clients as individuals.
As an independent company we are unfettered by corporate decision makers dictating investment policies as cast-iron directives; our priority is to put an emphasis on the interests of each and every client in a truly personal manner. We accompany our clients closely, providing bespoke advice and feedback, personalized to their specific needs and requirements.

We augment our in-house team of experts with our network of professional associates, including consultants and advisors; all leading figures in their fields, they share our unwavering dedication to providing our clients with an unmatched level of personalized service. Be it managing their investment portfolio, managing their assets, or booking our client's next business trip or luxury family vacation, our professionals are available around the clock to provide suitable solutions to their needs.

We provide our clients with unique and exclusive access to investment opportunities in exciting fields including emerging technological ventures, as well as more traditional investment avenues; whatever line of investment they choose, we are here to manage their portfolio diligently and professionally, with a long-term, cross-generational focus.


Estate planning & cross-generational wealth transfer

OPO Family Office's professionals assist our clients to safeguard their fortune across the generations. This we achieve through astute estate and trust planning, and implementation designed to future-proof our clients' holdings and investment portfolio.

We assess our clients' requirements and act accordingly, administering their holdings on their behalf while taking taxation, legal, jurisdictional, and estate issues into account. We offer business succession planning and implementation, charitable trusts, real estate management, trust design, wills and probate planning, etc.

Family Governance & Involvement

When the fortune of a family is at stake it's vital to engage as many family members, an imperative being multi-generational representation. At OPO Family Office we believe that each family member is a stakeholder and has needs and views that must be aired and considered, they also possess their own individual knowledge and proficiencies that can be utilized for the future wellbeing and success over the years.

We deliver valuable guidance and help families plan their business governance based on robust cooperation between various generations and instilled shared goals. Our advisors host regular meetings aimed at sustaining multi-generational involvement and on the interest of promoting and furthering common investment strategies.

Investment planning & management

OPO Family Office's investment consultants provide invaluable investment planning and management services, tailored to our clients' requirements. We provide strategic advice according to the pre-determined risk profile. We carry out investments on our clients' behalf, constantly monitoring and evaluating performance in order to achieve or exceed goals.

We invest in a wide range of fields, including traditional avenues of investments such as stocks, shares and bonds, real-estate and private equity, as well as new tech firms and startup ventures in innovative developments such as IOT, AI, Agri Tech, and more. We manage our clients' holdings on their behalf and carry out many routine activities including portfolio reassessment, divestments and acquisitions, property management, etc.

Taxation, retirement and pension planning

OPO Family Office's experts help our clients through the complexities of tax and pension planning based in their requirements, capital holding, individual risk profile and personal preferences.

We do our utmost to accommodate our clients' wishes and draw up a retirement plan accordingly while, of course taking all their legal and taxation issues into account.

Concierge services

OPO Family Office offers our clients a comprehensive business and personal lifestyle management and concierge service. These are tailored and personalized to the specifications and requirements of our clients.

Our service package includes: lifestyle management; household management; relocation services; private tutors; VIP travel planning and booking; transportation, personal shopping, event planning, access to venues, performances, cultural events, restaurants, and more.